Kyoko 047 - Yuri 05

Kyoko & Kyoko

Okay - this is my arttrade-project with Brad Wells

I was flicking through some group´s gallery at DeviantArt, when I have found a very sexy pink-haired catgirl called Kyoko and I thought "Bastard! Someone has hijacked my idea!" - then I found out, that this very sexy pink-haired catgirl called Kyoko was already drawn in 2008 - so technically I was the bastard... :D


I faved the pics and left a comment saying something like "Yay! I´ve got a Kyoko aswell!" - anyway, Brad wrote back and after some exchange we decided to do an art-trade, both drawing both characters.

As Brad is VERY good, I thought, I better throw in some effort. Took me about six hours, but I am satisfied. Not completely, but alright. Now I am curious, what Brad will come up with... :)

Oh, and: yes, the sheet-music is the beginning of the original "Revery" by Robert Schumann.

Please visit Brad´s awesome gallery at DeviantArt! :)

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Concept 047