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by Nater Gray, aka DeaMorte

This story Takes Place Right After Chapter 2 Page 5 Manga Ch.2 P.6, Where You find Young Kyoko In trouble, and tied up by Horks. The Situation Looks Dim, and may not end the greatest for her.

This is Part of a Trade with *ToraAkaChan, and a Alternate Reality of how Kyoko came to Earth.
This IS NOT Part of her Actual Story, and history.
I stake NO CLAIM to "Kyoko" as shes *ToraAkaChan's Character NOT MINE.
I write this using All knowledge i can obtain through Letters and The Manga and MAY NOT BE spot on and Perfect.

All other Parts of this Story Was Made by me, and is how i think would be a Fun and entertaining way to bring Kyoko to earth.

With all that Crap Said and Done, i Present my First installment.

Chapter 1 ~ Serineity? isn't that the word for peaceful...

A Slender young Red Haired woman watched this ship crash to the barren rock shes been stranded on for some time, with a rather large explosion. She huffed angrily as she watched the silver ship explode in a fiery ball of molten fire. "Damn it! That was my only hope off this rock of a place." She grabbed her Katana off the ground and fixed her hair as she set off to the crash site.
She leaped and bound across the rocky terrain with cat like grace. This Spry Young Nekomini had come to this planet a few days back, in response of a Distress call from a ship. While out, horks who also crashed down here as well, looking for a way out, stole her ship while she was out. Returning she found it gone, and thus has been living off what little bit she could find from the crashed ship. And recently, shes run out of food, and needs to get off this rock or it isn't going to be good.
"I pray that who ever was on that ship is alive..." She said softly, her tail flowed gently behind her, her ears were perked and she was listening for anything. When she got close enough what she heard.. wasn't good. After scaling the terrain for what seemed ever, she came to the crash site and quickly hid herself. What she saw was a sick site for her... Horks, had another of her kind tied up and they were close to pleasuring themselves. "Those rotten ugly bastards..." she wanted to run in and help the young girl, but couldn't risk herself as well, there may be more around. So she waited for a few minutes, looking around and scouting.
Every moment she spent, was one moment they may get closer to doing something to the helpless one. But what caught her attention was the mention of a "artefact". She had found traces of writings about it, but never could locate it out of fear of losing her way. She knew now, no matter what, she needed to save the girl, and find out what was going on. Grabbing her katana tightly, she positioned herself in a perch above the small group. "This is for all the innocents you bastards have killed, and for taking my ship." She took a deep breath, her leather armor outfit expanded gently as she inhaled, her hands gripping her sword even more tightly, she readied herself, as she jumped down behind them, she began the dance of death she had been taught. Slicing downward her razor blade sword cut the hork with ease.
The other two didn't know what happened to the leader of the pack, and as they spotted the red haired woman, they had no time to bring up their guns before a glint of light, off the metal of the sword, cut through them like butter. As the 3 horks dropped to the ground, she wiped her blade off and sheathed it. Her dark pink eyes were gently lit off the flames of the crash behind her... They focused on the wounded girl below her, and in a moment they switched from a angry expression, to one of sentiment and worry. She knelt down and untied the poor girl from the hold, and quickly helped her up.

Kyoko didn't know what was going on, her backside was being prodded one moment then some sounds she couldn't quite place and suddenly this Red haired woman holding her in a hug like manner. She coughed a bit, some blood that was in her mouth spattered on the armor of this woman and she rubbed her wrists.
With a shaky and harsh voice she asked, "Who are you?" The woman just sighed with relief and smiled. "My name is Serineity. I am a neko such as yourself, and i was stranded here a week ago. My ship, was stolen, so my Rescue Signal was never sent. I myself am a grade six, and was sent out to locate a hork base near here, and responding to a distress signal, i got my ship stolen."
Her voice was like her name, was peaceful and soft, but held a firm tone behind it. Kyoko coughed up a few more times, before she was handed a cloth to wipe her face off. Thanking the woman she took it, wiping her face she felt a bit better, though bruised and sore, she was extremely relieved that the horks weren't gonna have their way with her. Serineity spoke again, "So care to explain why your ship is a fiery ball of not working?" She said with a slight chuckle. Kyoko embarrassed and slightly ashamed with her rash actions leading to this, she spoke up, "Its a long story." Serineity smiled and said back to her, "We aint going no where for a while, so i think you got time to tell." Kyoko knew she was cornered, so she explained the long story involving the pure energy form, why she was here, what she found, and then showed her the "artefact" she found.
Serineity took it all in and after a moment of thinking she spoke. "Well, i understand. and though you did make a few mistakes, this may have been for the best. Because i don't quite agree with everything you did. And this little event may have been for the best." she said, fixing some hair from her face, she began taking her armor off. Kyoko looked at her slightly confused. "Why do you say that? Wouldn't you do the same?" She said, as she sat gently on a smooth rock. Serineity, as she continued to take her armor off, smiled and waved her finger at the young one.
"Your to caught up in wanting to be glorious and famous. You want to be the next big star." She finished revealing a somewhat tight dark green suit. She handed the exposed girl her armor, and with a stern don't question me look, Kyoko took it and started to dress herself. "Well.. I mean sorta yea. I want to be fighting! i don't want to be some errand girl who searches for artefacts that may or may not be there!" She said as she finished placing the slightly baggy armor on. And as she finished, it suddenly contorted to her body and felt like her own skin in a heartbeat. She gasped at this and checked herself out. "Wow, what kinda armor is this?" she felt the smooth leather down her body and swore it was as if it was a second skin. Serineity smiled. "Its a Experimental Armor suit. Its made to fit as if it wasn't there, allowing soldiers to be unhindered by bulky armor, and its as tough as adamantoine. I was given it to test."
Kyoko was a little surprised. "Experimental! that means you must be a great warrior to be granted access to stuff like this!" Her face held a large smile, to be in the presence of a great warrior and wearing something this prestigious! It was extraordinary! She snapped back to reality by a voice. "Hey snap outta it. You never did tell me your name." She gasped and apologized.. "im sorry, im Kyoko ToraSama, Grade four, Almost Grade Five!" She said with a slight smile, Serineity nodded. "Alright Kyoko. A proper introduction. We need to get out of here. Lets Salvage what we can, and go to this "Temple" you were lead to the other day. Maybe we can find more information on that thing you got in there."
They quickly scavenged everything possible and left, before more horks showed up. They set out in the night to the temple, the suits kept them warm, but their ears were freezing. "Damn this planet! my ears are Freezing!" Kyoko stated after a while. Serineity agreed. "We need to get to this temple and fast." It wasn't fast, it took them nearly another hour, but they finally did manage to navigate to the temple in the dark. Grabbing the lights they could salvage off the ship, they made their way into the temple, unsure what they may find.

-End Chapter 1-

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